Friday, 11th November 2017, Mr. Akimou TCHAGNAOU has defended his doctorate dissertation in Science of Education on the theme : COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE WRITING OF RESEARCH THESES RELATED CONDITIONS IN ARTS & HUMANITIES AT THE TOGOLESE PUBLIC UNIVERSITIE : Case of Master’s and MPhil degrees. After deliberation of the jury, his dissertation was accepted and he was awarded a Doctorate degree with distinction (mention très honorable). ERNWACA congratulates Dr. Akimou TCHAGNAOU and wishes him success in his new career.
The writing of a research thesis is a scientific learning activity during which the student becomes a research trainee. That student, who is often used to lectures where the teacher is at the center of the (...)

First Edition Doctoral Day, 2017 ERNWACA-TOGO & REBETOCSH

1. CONTEXT ET OBJECTIVES The Togolese National Chapter of the Educational Research Network for West and Central Africa (ERNWACA-TOGO) and the Benino-Togolese Network for Researchers in Social Sciences and Humanities (REBETOCSH) organise the first edition of the Doctoral Day of the « ERNWACA-TOGO-REBETOCSH), the 24 and 25 November 2017 at the University of Lome. This Doctoral Day aims at creating a discussion framework on the topics, concepts, theories and methods and on eventual results obtained from doctorate students. Specifically, it’s about :
Promoting exchange between doctorate students in one hand, and between young researchers and senior ones in other hand.
Help doctorate students to discover new research topics from ongoing (...)

The issue N° 8 of its Journal of Educational Research in Africa (JERA) is now available

The Educational Research Network for West and Central Africa is presenting the issue N° 8 of its Journal of Educational Research in Africa (JERA). Presently, it can be noticed that the Journal is gaining a growing interest from educational researchers in Africa and other continents. Due to the number of submissions, the editing process of this present issue of the Journal has taken longer time than expected. The issue comprises 10 articles among which 3 in English and 7 in French. First and foremost, the Journal starts with Therese Tchombe’s article of a high reflexive depth highlighting a set of facts related to Research in Africa. She exhibits the wrong ideas made on the lack of productivity or the poor contribution of African research (...)

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